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Isn’t it the most difficult challenge to keep your employees engaged post 2020?

I am sure this is not different as in the past years however post the pandemic the focus has grown to meet the ongoing employee demands.

A survey conducted by Gallup (on US statistics) has published their report on –

“Trends you need to pay attention to in 2023” The results of the report are very alarming:

• 32% of full-time and part-time employees are actively engaged

• 17% are actively disengaged

• 51% are neither actively engaged nor actively disengaged

Nearly 50% of our employees are just doing their jobs because they are only working

for a salary. This means they can jump the boat with no commitments to their organization and this would result in a huge impact on the productivity and bottom line of the business. The focus needs to be on the larger chunk of the employees that are neither actively engaged nor actively disengaged. Understanding and building a bridge between their needs and the organizational goals, our immediate focus needs to be on the middle management who are like the Lieutenants and Captains in the rank of the army who work towards bridging the gap between the senior officers and the cadets that are on the field. Behaviors is a result of a situation, we say this because psychology has proven that behaviors change basis feelings and situations. And it is this behavior that impacts the outcome of the business.

‘The Bridge’ is the key word for a win-win situation between the employee and the

organization. We at Diversity Solutions have a team of experts that can help you build this bridge. Our ‘Everything DiSC’ tool and our custom made programs will help in understanding the mindset of the employee. We focus on the behavioral pattern of the employee through a pictorial report format and then using that data, we custom make a program to meet the requirement of the business. There are times we have recommend one on one coaching & mentoring to an individual employee understanding their rank in the organization. This is done to ensure that there is stability & leadership direction with a right amount of push in the top down approach.

“To win in a market place, you must first win in a workplace” this quote from the CEO

of Campbell’s soup ‘Doug Conant’ holds strappingly relevant with the current work situation. Allow us from Diversity Solutions to walk you through how we can be the bridge between you and your employees.


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